When People Can’t Listen

  Frustration was brewing toward the Coleman family. Again and again and again Pastor Seth and the elders of the church had met with the family to encourage, counsel, and […]

The Proud Pursuit of Humility

  These days, I have a constant, repetitive prayer to God. One that asks for God to remove my pride and my self-doubt. It’s a prayer for humility, something I […]

6 Tips for Shepherding Your Small Group

  Growing up in church, I have been in my fair share of small groups. Some good, some not so good. I’ve been in youth groups, college groups, groups that […]

Why Patience Is Vital

  We all know how disappointing life can be. Maybe you never thought you’d still be single at age 35, or still stuck in an entry-level position, or still battling […]

Joining Jesus in Restoring Culture

  What do we mean when we talk about “culture”? In Culture Making, Andy Crouch defines culture this way: “Culture is what we make of the world. Culture is, first […]

Psalm 139 and Infinite Intimacy

  We often find in ourselves a host of desires. Whether it is acceptance, relationship, popularity, or success, we cannot deny that there are innate longings within us compelling our […]

Gospel Amnesia in the Local Church

  A few years ago, I watched one of my dear friends start maturing and growing spiritually. There seemed to be a tangible difference in the way she served her […]

8 Characteristics of Sanctification

  One of the things I enjoyed most about my previous job was the direct connection between how hard I worked and the results I saw. If I just put […]

Bringing Young and Old Together

  It appears to me that there is a growing chasm between generations in local churches. Churches are becoming more and more generationally homogenous. If you entered a church on […]

2014: The Year I Quit

  My New Year’s resolution is to quit. Quitting is usually seen as failure, as giving up.  This is ironic because the Christian life is all about quitting. It is […]